Welcome to the website of Elena Haykin, ERYT_500 – Yoga Instructor who has completed the Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT), and currently is in the process of certification via C-IAYT.

Your visit here may be a simple curiosity; but it may encourage you to try a new path in life or refresh your current practice with a revived joy.

In the Class Schedule you may find many options for all abilities.

Elena teaches variety of styles in the wellness centers, studios and privates: Vinyasa flow, Power Vinyasa, Hot Yoga, YIN (Restorative), classes for all abilities. With a superior clarity of Elena’s instructions you can practice with your eyes closed. Guided meditation, special breathing exercise (pranayama), restorative and Yoga Nidra are among the teaching tools that Elena uses.

This is the home of Yoga for Self, a yoga practice with the focus on an individual case of each student: cancer survivors, person enduring pain physical or emotional, yoga for arthritis and osteoporosis, yoga for anxiety, depression and Yoga for Seniors.

YOGA is a way of a happy life!

I am happy to help you with all of your yogic needs!




Happy Hips Sequence

Read the entire sequence in this attachment, practice and let me know how you feel. Tips for Happy Hips #1 - Each sequence can be repeated up to three times, with about 1-2 minutes of rest between reps. Click here to read more.

Life Changes

Hear how Haykin Yoga is impacting a wide breadth of people in the Denver Metro Area. Click here to read our testimonials.

Yoga for Self-Healing

Yoga for Self HealingTM combines breathing exercises, movement, visualization, relaxation and meditation – to promote self-healing, in complement to the traditional Western medicine. Yoga therapy extends in the dimension of alternative means for care and healing with many benefits. Read more about Yoga for Self-Healing.

Meet Elena

For many years yoga was just one of my competitive and recreational athletic activities like gymnastics, running and skiing. After a skiing accident in 2003 and the surgeries that followed, I turned to yoga practice in search of healing. Read more about Elena here.
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